WHA Telehealth Webinar

WHA Telehealth Webinar

WHA Telehealth Webinar

August 10th, 2020 @ 1:00p (Replay Available)


CoVID-19 shares symptoms with 40+ other common viral illnesses. When a providers reports symptoms, they will need to be tested before returning to work.  Tests are easy to acquire, however, the results may take up to a day or more to know if they are positive, and if it is positive, that provider may not be able to work for weeks……


So how will you manage to keep staff throughout all hours of the night?

Potentially, telehealth may be your solution.  Horizon Virtual has been providing overnight hospitalists to Critical Access Hospitals since 2017.  Our Internal Medicine Physicians admit or consult on patients, assume care and treat patients bed-side via a telehealth cart.


As a Critical Access Hospital, should you invest in telehealth? Will it be around for a while?  Horizon Virtual’s telehealth service is covered, and has been for years. Our services are covered by most insurances and are reimbursable as a traditional visit. Just this week, President Donald Trump just signed an executive order protecting rural hospital’s telehealth services.  This is a great time to adopt the innovative “New Normal ” of telehealth services.  These topics and more will be covered in our upcoming webinar.


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Please Join Us Monday, August 10th from 1:00-2:00p

WHA LIVE WEBINAR:  Understanding How Overnight Telehealth Hospitalists are Improving Satisfaction and Generating Revenue in Critical Access Hospitals

For More Details and to Register Online visit the WHA Website: https://www.whareg4.org/OvernightTelehealth2020/


See you Monday!

Darin Willardsen, MD, MBA, SFHM

CEO – Horizon Virtual

Internal Medicine Hospitalist