3 Advantages of Telemedicine in Critical Access Hospitals

3 advantages to telemedicine

Even before the pandemic began, telemedicine and teledocs were rising in popularity. Now that we are living in a post-COVID world, the need for telemedicine, especially in hospitals, is even greater. It’s more important than ever that we provide the medical attention patients need. “At Horizon Virtual, we have always helped critical access hospitals and medical facilities with our telehospitalist services. Our remote

Traditional Telemedicine vs Horizon Virtual Telehealth Services

Traditional Telemedicine vs Horizon Virtual

Telemedicine is helping to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. However, did you know that there are several different types of telemedicine? Here are some of the key differences between traditional telemedicine and Horizon Virtual Telehealth services. What is Traditional Telemedicine? Traditional telemedicine services are designed so patients can communicate with their doctor from the comfort of their

WHA Telehealth Webinar

WHA Telehealth Webinar

WHA Telehealth Webinar August 10th, 2020 @ 1:00p (Replay Available)   CoVID-19 shares symptoms with 40+ other common viral illnesses. When a providers reports symptoms, they will need to be tested before returning to work.  Tests are easy to acquire, however, the results may take up to a day or more to know if they are positive, and if it

Case Study Success

Progression of Healthcare

Case Study: The Virtual Hospitalist A Single-Site Implementation Bringing Hospitalist Coverage to Critical Access Hospitals.   A COVERAGE SOLUTION The ways to which medicine is being practiced has advanced by leaps and bounds. Now the ways to which we provide medical coverage has advanced as well. CASE STUDY BACKGROUND On-site hospitalist care can improve patient care, but it is economically

Why Telemedicine is the Future of Hospitalists

Telemedicine Equipment

Telemedicine is booming in popularity in critical access hospitals and appears to be the future of the industry. Many hospitals are shifting their models to include hospitalists and telemedicine because it increases the quality and efficiency of patient care. That is why Horizon Virtual is here to partner with hospitals with our telehospitalist platform to help them take care of

Overnight Physician Staffing at Critical Access Hospitals

Critical access hospitals have a unique set of challenges as they work to take care of those that live in the surrounding communities. Horizon Virtual works with hospital employees to provide a virtual solution for overnight physicians that are needed to staff critical access hospitals. We do this by providing virtual overnight physicians to rural hospitals.  Challenges Critical Access Hospitals

Inpatient Telehealth

Removal of Limitations on Inpatient Telehealth

Removal of Limitations on Inpatient Telehealth Clinicians can now provide more services to beneficiaries via telehealth so that clinicians can take care of their patients while mitigating the risk of the spread of the virus. Under the public health emergency, all beneficiaries across the country can receive Medicare telehealth and other communications technology- based services wherever they are located. Clinicians

Horizon Virtual P.A. is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau®

Telemedicine Company with A Rating at the Better Business Bureau

Horizon Virtual P.A. is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau® Two Physicians Recognized for Bringing Healthcare to the Rural Midwest (Minnesota, Saint Cloud – March, 9th 2020) Horizon Virtual announces the recent accreditation of an “A” Status by the Better Business Bureau® for the Overnight Telehealth Services being provided to Critical Access Hospitals around Central Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Darin Willardsen, MD,

Nearly 50 Percent of Rural Hospitals Operate in the Red Each Year

Telemedicine Provides ROI to Critical Access Hospitals

Nearly 50% of Rural Hospitals Operate in the RED Each Year Will Technology be Required in an Effort to Reduce Overhead? Chartis Center for Rural Health recently reported that in 2019 this statistic grew by an alarming 8% over the past 4 years, toping out at 47% of hospitals losing money annually.* 🏥📉 No surprise, many rural hospitals are turning

Rural Areas are Seeing an Increase in EMS Transport Times

Telemedicine Reduces Patient Transfers

Telemedicine Reduces Patient Transfers Rural Medicine Patients are at Risk when Critical Access Hospitals are Forced to Transfer Patients, or Worse, Forced to Close Altogether. Rural Medical Patients are at risk as much needed healthcare access is being restricted in their area. “People in rural areas of the United States wait, on average, nearly twice as long for ambulances as