Telehealth Cart Specifics


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Technology Performance Specifications

» Head: Pan range: +/- 170° & Tilt range: +27° / -65° max
» Audio: 16 kHz sampling rate, 16-bit audio
» Camera: 26X equivalent zoom, remote zoom & focus
» Video: 30 fps, 640×480 px resolution, 24-bit color
» Microphone: directional (hyper-cardioid), 10Hz-40Hz
» Display: 15” LCD, 1024×768 px, 400 NITS
» Speaker: Two 60 W mono
» Wireless: 802.11 a, g, or n
» Battery Life: 7 hrs (depending on use)
» Charging Time: 4 hrs from 100% discharge to 80%

Innovative and Ready for Telehealth Interactions

With its HD Zoom Camera, enhanced audio system, and articulating head, this high-end device gives patients and on-site staff the experience and familiarity of a face-to-face encounter with the remote provider. Provide an optimal practitioner to patient experience during initial exams, repeated treatments and in post-procedural follow-ups.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and network of products, our industry-leading telemedicine equipment, and reliable telehealth platforms deliver timely care for your patients without lessening the patient/doctor relationship. These kiosks and devices are FDA approved for patient monitoring and able to facilitate rapid clinical care. The devices offer outstanding communication and viewing capabilities with state-of-the-art cameras and audio tools. In addition, our devices allow connection to multiple diagnostic tools for “hands-on” functions.

Leverage Your Investments

Layer our Operating System for your telemedicine equipment onto your existing EHRs, devices, and other peripherals systems to close your workflow gaps and create a telemedicine solution that works for you.

100% Secure Connection

Rest easy knowing your data is secure. Your equipment is HITRUST CSF Certification which means we meet industry-defined requirements for protecting and securing sensitive healthcare information.

Virtual Health Services Are Proving To Be A Success

These remote services are being utilized across the United States.


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