telemedicine hospitalist
telemedicine hospitalist


Horizon Virtual provides cost-effective bedside telemedicine hospitalist coverage in multiple locations via a remote virtual telehospital experience. This medical service and equipment can cut costs for hospital expenditures, fill any undesirable rotations, or assume the overnight rotation to take the late-night admissions and cross-covering burden off of the local physicians. This service also allows patients to remain in their local hometown hospital near friends and family support. Horizon Virtual’s mission is to provide telehealth admission and telemedicine coverage to hospital patients customized to the hours you need additional support 365 days per year. Patients are reviewed, evaluated, and admitted to the hospital by a virtual Board-Certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist. This resource is shared with several hospitals in order to maximize the medical provider coverage.

  • Project Background and Description

    We believe that we can offer a more efficient and economical solution to providing adult Hospitalist coverage in any critical access hospital.  We would like the opportunity to provide this service via virtual telemedicine adult Hospitalist coverage.  

    Providing this coverage would allow patients to be admitted during contracted hours by a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist.  This service would be provided at a fraction of the cost of having a solely dedicated physician at this hospital. This resource would be shared by several hospitals to maximize efficiency and utilization. 

  • Project Scope (Click Each to Expand)

    This service will provide admission and cross-cover services to the adult (18+ years) patients during contracted hours – 365 days/year.  The patients will be reviewed, evaluated, and admitted to the Hospital by a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist via telemedicine service.  This Hospitalist will be available for admissions, consults, and cross-cover issues during the outlined hours.

  • Horizon Virtual Physician Requirements

    Horizon Virtual will provide program coverage with the following Physician requirements:

    • Physicians will be medically licensed and in good standing in the state of services provided.
    • Physicians will be Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
    • Physicians will have at least 2 years of Hospitalist practice experience.
    • Physicians will maintain credentialing and be privileged as active medical staff of the Hospital.
    • Physicians will maintain professional liability insurance coverage.
    • Virtual Health Services will meet policy standards that have been agreed upon by both organizations.
  • Your Hospital Requirements

    Your Hospital will provide the following requirements:

    • Your Hospital will provide an electronic medical record (EMR) documentation and billing services for patient care.
    • Your Hospital will be required to have an “in-person” provider available for emergency situations and emergency procedures if needed.
    • Your Hospital will be required to provide all network structures to support the virtual health equipment.
  • Affected Parties

    Your Hospital will provide the patient care facility and all equipment needed to maintain proper care of the patients admitted to the hospital.

    Horizon Virtual will provide the admitting, consulting, and cross-covering Hospitalist virtual services during the contracted time to Your Hospital.

  • Affected Business Processes and Technology Systems

    All physicians involved with the service will need to be fully credentialed and privileged at the patient’s Hospital location within the scope of practice.  All physicians will need EMR access. 

    • Documentation, billing, coding, and ancillary patient information system access will be provided by Your Hospital to all Horizon Virtual contracted physicians.   

    Equipment used by both entities will meet the minimum requirements for Virtual Health service standards.  

    • The telemedicine equipment will be provided from Horizon Virtual within the agreed contract. 
  • Specific Exclusions from Scope

    Patient care issues that fall outside the time frame noted above, Internal Medicine scope of practice, or are not within the “inpatient” encounter will not be the responsibility of the Horizon Virtual Health Physician.

  • Professional Expenses

    Horizon Virtual will invoice monthly for Virtual Telemedicine Services.  

    There will be an initial one-time operational and nursing training setup fee.

    Your Hospital will pay an hourly fee for continuous cross-cover in addition to a fee per admission or consult with Horizon Virtual for the duration of supplied contract service.   This price does include all hardware and software needed to perform the virtual services.

    The terms of agreement for the Virtual Telemedicine Services are customarily contracted for one-year renewable. 

  • Implementation Plan

    The project should take about 2-4 months from contract agreement for workflow design, equipment setup, credentialing, and privileging to complete. 

  • High-Level Timeline/Schedule

    Horizon Virtual would anticipate commencement of the project to start with the signing of a contract agreement, and then discovery and design phases to follow.  We would anticipate approximately 3 months of build, nursing education, provider credentialing, and approval for privileging.

Virtual Health

  • Providing world-class health care to hospitals
  • Providing the coverage needed while reducing locum costs
  • Reducing physician stress and burnout
  • Improving physician recruitment and retention
  • Providing appropriate care for patients at your local hospital, resulting in fewer transfers to other facilities
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  • Multiple screens allow for the viewing of a remote physician, peripheral devices and electronic medical records
  • Improves communication clarity with its dual audio modes
  • Lockable drawer for safe storage of accessories
  • Peripheral ready for adaptability over care applications
  • 100% Secure Connection & HIPAA Compliant
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What Does Virtual Healthcare Look Like?

Doctor: Dr. Johnson Here.
Dispatch: Dr. Johnson, could you please remotely connect to the InTouch Display in room 715?
Doctor: Okay, I will connect in a couple of minutes.

Virtual Provider: Dr. Johnson here, I got a call that Ben is feeling worse today.
Bedside Local RN: Ben was admitted last night with feelings of dizziness and vertigo. This morning he said he is feeling much worse, saying the room felt like it was spinning, and he is feeling nauseous.
Virtual Provider: Ben, I am sorry to hear that. Do you still feel pain in your left ear?
Ben: Yeah, it still hurts.
Virtual Provider: Between a 1 and a 10, how would you rate that pain?
Ben: I would say it is about an 8.
Virtual Provider: We should re-examine your ear. Marissa, could you grab that otoscope? So, let’s take a look to see what we can find… Great, yes, I can see that very clearly. I still see that you have quite a bit of inflammation.  You know what? I am going to order something for your nausea and an MRI, just to double-check.
Ben: Great, thank you very much, doctor.
Virtual Provider: You are welcome Ben, we will talk soon.