Telemedicine Creates a Sustainable Overnight Staffing Solution for Critical Access Hospitals

The Struggles with the Conventional Process

Many hospitals, especially those in rural cities, struggle to find and retain, quality staff coverage from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. The Primary Providers are typically required by the hospital to rotate shifts to cover these undesirable hours, which leads to fatigue and burnout. Many times, as an incentive, Hospitals are forced to pay up to 25% higher rates in order to cover these shifts. As patient volume surges from night to night, this adds even more stress to the physicians already tired position. This is where mistakes happen and where a telemedicine service provider for the hospitals could come in handy.

Some overnight coverage requires single providers to cover more than one hospital at the same time. That provider may be awakened from their rest in their nearby home by a call. Their response time is the time it takes them to dress and drive to the hospital. After that call, the night may be quiet, they then return home, lay back down, only to be buzzed again to return. This lifestyle prevents full-time hospitalists from living a more normal or civilized routine throughout the week.

What Does Horizon Virtual Looks Like in Real Time?

Horizon Virtual is Your Solution

  • Reduce Stress, Fatigue and Burnout
  • Provide Staff Relief
  • Provide Physician Confidence
  • Improve Hospitalist Retention
  • Improve Workplace Environment
  • Reduce Overtime and Pay Incentives
  • Maximize Your Staff
  • Admit Patients Quicker
  • Reduce Patient Transfers
  • Cover Multiple Locations with One Hospitalist

Horizon Virtual Flips the Conventional Staffing Process Upside Down

By providing a full-time off-site hospitalist, your staff can quickly and seamlessly off-load their patients to us as soon as the clock hits 7:00 pm, which will allow primary care doctors to decompress and enjoy their evening and night without interruption. This greatly lowers the pressures placed on these providers and reduces stress and fatigue. It also shows commitment to their health from a Hospital’s leadership. When they return in the morning they can be confident that the notes will be up to date and accurate with the developed treatment plan. Our service platforms are a proven means to reduce patient transfers because we provide large hospital expertise on-site to the remote location. Patients are admitted quickly with our telehealth solution provider, as our response times connect us to the patient within minutes. Quick access to diagnostics supports better patient outcomes and better treatment plans. The bottom-line impact is apparent, Telemedicine Hospitalists, also called a Doctor on Demand, are cost-effective and will show improvements on the bottom line immediately after implementation.

Staff and Patients Alike are Embracing this Program.

Patients are reporting that though it seems futuristic and new, they feel like the telemedicine service provider for hospitals is less distracted and more focused on them. Patients also are reporting an appreciation for expert care without having to transfer several miles away. Nurses and supporting staff agree that patient interaction is excellent and are impressed with how immediate and detailed the patient’s notes are and how timely the treatment plans are updated. Day shift providers are able to get more sleep at night, allowing them to return to work refreshed and confident. These physicians are reporting that they have a higher quality of life and are feeling less stress at the workplace where fewer mistakes are happening as a result of less fatigue. The Hospital companies Executive team is reporting that it is saving overall costs and increasing the bottom line. They also are reporting an increase in physician moral as Horizon Virtual Services showcases the hospital’s commitment to offering the most up-to-date services and technology while remaining dedicated to maintaining a healthy workplace environment for staff.

Horizon Virtual Delivers Quality Patient Care

So how does it work? We leverage state-of-the-art technology and a network of products. Our Industry-leading and reliable telehealth platform delivers timely care to your patients without lessening the patient/doctor relationship. Devices are FDA approved for patient monitoring and able to facilitate rapid clinical care. The devices offer outstanding communication and viewing capabilities with state-of-the-art cameras and audio tools. In addition, our virtual system allows a remote connection to multiple diagnostic tools for “hands-on” functions.

Our Brand Promise

In other words, our telemedicine service delivers world-class healthcare to any hospital located anywhere in the United States. We promise to deliver an efficient and economical solution to your hospital’s overnight staffing needs.

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