Relief Provider

Relief Providers

Team sports are easily comparable to life.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with a healthcare team. Just as in sports, healthcare teams need their “back up players” to step up and fill in when the “star players” are tired. While your physicians may be seen as the “star players,” they still need their relievers and pinch hitters to keep them fresh. The Olympic Games remind us of this as we watched in awe as gymnast Simone Biles took step back and allowed backups Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey and Sunisa Lee to continue while she took care of herself both mentally and physically. We all rely on the camaraderie of our team members to not only carry us to victory but also experience the losses.

Physician Fatigue and its Negative Impact On Healthcare

Physician fatigue is more prevalent than ever. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more is asked of our physicians, with little help. Working long hours in stressful environments can lead to fatigue and, ultimately, burnout. In fact, recent studies have found that 46% of physicians will experience burnout, an increase from the 36% mark in 2013.

When the number one priority of healthcare professionals – the health and wellbeing of patients – is in danger, there are issues. Not only will burnout and fatigue affect the physician, but the patient as well. Healthcare professionals battling fatigue can lower patient satisfaction and healthcare quality.

Add A New Team Player

When your “starters” are fatigued, it’s time to consider a substitution. That’s where Horizon Virtual comes into play. We are a virtual internal medicine hospitalist group dedicated to improving healthcare quality by joining your healthcare team and helping to reduce physician burnout. Our telemedicine services help healthcare professionals prioritize their patients while also taking care of their own physical and mental well-being.

Our services help you cover overnight shifts so physicians don’t have to overextend themselves with multiple nights of call after long days of seeing patients. These services have not only improved patient care in the hospitals we team with but have also increased their revenue numbers. Our goal is to ensure you can provide your patients the best care while reducing the stress on your physicians.

How Telemedicine Works as a Relief Provider

We know how devastating patient transfers can be for a hospital’s bottom line. The harsh reality is critical access hospitals don’t have the funds or the human resources to provide overnight care for certain patients. With Horizon Virtual as part of your team, your patients will have access to a board certified internal medicine hospitalist virtually and your physicians will rest with comfort knowing their patients are well managed.

When you choose Horizon Virtual, we join your team by becoming credentialed through your hospital to help streamline the billing process. We charge a flat fee and per hospital admission. We understand the need to keep your patients in your hospital as it improves patient outcomes and keeps the revenue in-house.

We’re Ready to Help

It’s time to provide your “star players” the relief they need! Telemedicine services through Horizon Virtual can help protect your physicians from burnout, improve patient care, and keep revenue in-house. Contact us today for a free discovery call. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, or how these services can help you, look at our Platform Overview page.

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