Nearly 50 Percent of Rural Hospitals Operate in the Red Each Year

Telemedicine Provides ROI to Critical Access Hospitals

Nearly 50% of Rural Hospitals Operate in the RED Each Year

Will Technology be Required in an Effort to Reduce Overhead?

Chartis Center for Rural Health recently reported that in 2019 this statistic grew by an alarming 8% over the past 4 years, toping out at 47% of hospitals losing money annually.* 🏥📉

No surprise, many rural hospitals are turning to alternative resources such as technology to help close the gap. Horizon Virtual has seen a significant increase in interest over the past year as well. Horizon Virtual has transformed overnight patient care in Rural America. Hospital Administration in Critical Access Hospitals are turning their attention to resources that can cross-cover multiple locations remotely during the lower traffic hours at night.

Telemedicine is providing local rural hospitals with a solution that quickly pays for itself. If you would like further case studies from current hospitals using Horizon Virtual’s Telemedicine Services, simply reach out to us and ask for the ROI Reports.

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Resource: Chartis Center of Rural Health Infographic